Acer Gives Predator Desktop a Makeover, Inside and Out



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Although an improvement, how can you say this case ain't fugly? it looks like Tony the Tiger f-ed R2D2 and this was the end result



OMG the original was FUGLY. What was that crazy hinge bar thingy anyway? It was just way too busy and had too much crap going on.


This one looks a lot better. I don't like orange on my cases, but I think its passible.


Holly Golightly

Hmm, I actually liked the original design in black. It sort of reminded me of a Transformer for some odd reason. I felt the door is what gave it that personal look and feel. Sort of like the signature of The Predator. It would be cool if this orange stripes were vents with orance lights. I don't know... Not everybody shares the same taste I guess? But Acer's Predator has potential to be the coolest thing since the BlackBird002 and the H2C. Keep up the good work Acer.



I STILL wouldn't buy anything made by ACER, but at least they got rid of that janky 4 way hinge design where you had to remove a half dozen screws just to open the case.



I'm mixed about the exterior design.  In one way, it looks good.  In another, it looks ugly.  If I wanted it to evoke "Power and Performance", I wouldn't have designed it with a protruding bump... then again, we need a side shot to see just how well it looks from the side.

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