Acer Founder Suspicious of Microsoft's Surface Tablet Strategy



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I will not have Windows 8 on any computing device I ever own.

Microsoft can shove it.



you are all wrong. they plan to sell xna (xbox live arcade games)



They'll do that anyways through the windows 8 marketplace whether its for desktops or tablets.



Microsoft wouldn't at all be interested in making 30% on all apps, ebooks, music and movies that they had nothing to do with creating. I think microsoft has seen the pie that apple is eating and have thought, Hell YEAH, I'm in ......



they're already going to do that with the windows 8 app store. that doesn't require branded hardware, the same way itunes doesn't require a mac.



Tend to agree. Microsoft has no interest in being a large scale hardware vendor ala Apple (whereas Google does seem to). It makes no sense for them to do that right now, considering there's been no major boardroom shakeups in Redmond to drive such a corporate change, and they have been actively dumping hardware like Zune in recent years.

I tend to agree that this is nothing more than a play for vendor awareness, because when you think about it, not a lot of people are planning to launch touch screen devices for windows 8 right now, particularly tablets. Sure there have been a few first-to-launch claims, but at the end of the day, the big manufacturers are NOT making major pushes to revamp away from the traditional PC/laptop dynamic with touch screens just to support M$'s schizophrenic new touchscreen OS.

and between that, and the pushback by a lot of early adopters (just look at the comments on this site for instance) Microsoft has the choice to A.) redevelop the entire OS in record time to make it more palatable) or 2.) pay some third party to let them slap their name on a ready-to-launch tablet and hope that it helps tip other manufacturers over to their side.

guess which one they seem to have gone with?



This makes logic sense to me as well. MS competing directly with its vendors not to mention competing with the hardware giant Apple seems like a bad long term play.

Prior to reading this theory my only reasoning was that MS had to build their own since their OS isn't free like Apples/Androids. Hard to sell a new OS for more than the established brands. This allows them to sell their tablet at a loss to gain market acceptance without dragging a vendor down similar to the XBox.



No but he has a point. This is different than Xbox or Zune... both were 'proprietary' in that you couldn't buy another console or MP3 player that used Microsoft's back-end. But these tablets will. You can supposedly have the same Microsoft OS on different tablets, so will Microsoft control pricing? Will non-Microsoft tablets using Microsoft OS be cheaper/more expensive?
I don't think it matters really. The OS will not die, only the hardware could if MS decides, as the author says, to step out. So what if your hardware is not supported after 2 years? What matters is the software, and that won't die even if MS steps out of the hardware part of business.



I don't buy it. Microsoft has plenty of experience in the hardware market with the Xbox and 360, so all of the product management, warranty junk and other stuff is nothing new to them. Shih is obviously ignoring the pretty huge deployment of 360s Microsoft has in the wild.

Not only that, but Microsoft has other hardware -- mostly peripherals -- that they develop and sell. I actually prefer Microsoft keyboards to Logitech and definitely Apple.

It sounds like Shih is just trying to shift focus over to Acer's own line of products that directly compete with the Surface.



yeah but the xbox only has to deal with 2 competitors while the tablet market has a hundred different companies and products. So it's obvious that they're doing it just to help out the windows phone style business plan.



Stan seems like a smart fellow.



Actually sounds like a good plan to me.

We've been using Zune 8GB and Zune HD's since their introduction. Fantastic devices. Zune Marketplace is great. I could care less if Microsoft is no longer marketing Zune MP3 players... we've acquired Windows Phone 7.5 devices (Focus/ATT, Titan and Titan II/ATT, Trophy/Verizon) which also serve as short-haul MP3 players.

If Apple had to rely on its OS's to survive, it wouldn't.

The Pro version of Surface will be early Christmas presents for each of the four of us in my family.

No, I'm not a Microsoft employee or in any way affiliated with them... It's just that I really get sick of poorly designed UI's or OS's that are their own islands. I want tight integration from work to home to study. Surface Pro goes in that direction.



It's a dumb plan. Waste millions upon millions of dollars just to.... get your name out there? Seriously? Who the hell hasn't heard of Microsoft?

Wintercoder, if you think that this sounds like a good plan, then why would you buy not one, but four of these things, just to have it not be supported soon?



It's quite simple.

A product that is not 'supported' any more does not make it die, or become obsolete.

I manage 1300 WM65 cellphones, 250 desktops and 1300 PPC2003 handhelds for a mid-size corporation. Virtually NONE of these devices are directly supported by the manufacturers any more. Are they dying? No. Do they no longer serve their purpose? No.. in fact we still actively develop internally for all of them.

These devices traditionally have a 3-5 year lifespan... we push them to 10 years. I'll do the same with the Surface Pro's.

The desktop model you bought last year is no longer manufactured today. The BIOS is no longer being updated.. Are you going to throw it away?

C'mon people. Microsoft can put their future in the hands of manufacturers or they can lead the manufactures. The latter is the better choice.

If you are a fanboy of Apple.... please provide me a link of where I can acquire a Mac clone from a reputable company that Apple will support it's current version of OS on. No answer for this one? Then what the heck are mocking Microsoft for?

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