Acer Falls Further Behind in Chasing HP for No. 1 Notebook Shipment Spot



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go USA :)  I'm glad to hear our local brew HP wins :)   Now we just have to make sure HP takes good care of their customers !

on the side note, I've been eyeing on one of those 10.1 inch netbook but what I've been just waiting and waiting because it was the first ATOM processor netbook. Now there are versions and variations of ATOM processors (multi-core and etc), ARMS, TEGRA and TEGRA2 and whatever.. its just confusing the heck out of me so I won't be getting a netbook anytime soon !

I'll stick to my desktop AMD Phenom II X4 940 + asus M3A78-CM + 4GB DDR2-800 + winXP-32 bit with directx10 + Evga GTX260 for much longer :) 


Sebie Kay

Neither HP or Acer branded products appeal to me.  After all, how long will a $299 computer last, really?  A year?  Hey... just in time for NEXT years promo!!  Then you get the fun of transferring all your data from your old PC to your new PC.  FUN!

 No thanks, HP, ACER.  I will stick with a better built machine that costs a little more, but that I don't have to replace every year or two.

-=Do unto others... THEN RUN!!=-



...You know both companies make other choice available, not just sub-300 machines. Like HP's Elitebook

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