Acer: Critics ‘Unfair’ to Windows 8



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iPhones are subsidized and iPads are about half the price of an iMac or a Macbook or Macbook Pro. So in my opinion the reason iPads and iPhones are selling better than Apple's laptops and all-in-ones is because they are much cheaper and the economy isn't exactly great right now so price definitely matters. People want Apple quality and ease of use but they often cannot afford it. This is the main barrier preventing Apple's laptops and all-in-ones from taking off and becoming a huge hit with consumers.

And as for Apple ditching Intel and going with ARM, SemiAccurate is convinced that that is what is going to happen (I won't bother going into the reasons why they believe that here). I think it's entirely possible and perhaps even probable that Apple will replace Intel chips with ARM chips for their laptops so that they can get better battery life (which is all-important in all things mobile) but they probably will leave Intel chips in their iMacs because why weaken an iMac when the benefit that you get (lower power) is not important in a product that is plugged in and isn't often moved?

And one more thing. Desktops and even laptops are going the way of the Dodo bird. Mobile is taking over and the trend is irreversible. It's the new paradigm.

P.S. Touch is not the future either. Interfaces like Leap Motion (Minority Report style of interfaces) are the future and will be starting to take over either in 2013 or 2014. Touchscreens are almost obsolete (yes I know, they JUST got here in force).



speaking of motion MS already have that arsenal which is Kinnect currently for the 360. I could see touchscreens not being the future as for laptops and desktop i leave that with the ? only because desktop is about shear horsepower which that seems to be a demand for that. Laptops maybe hence surface tablet what is suppose to be in theory anyways.



I'm not saying that Desktops will completely disappear. I'm just saying that desktops will disappear as most peoples' primary computer. Desktops will soon become something that only people who are heavy into tech have. The average person will be content to have a smartphone, tablet, and maybe a Surface Pro style laptop (if they come down in price of course) and they will not have a desktop as it will be overkill for most people (in the near future (the next five years or so) this is how it will be).

And as for the Kinect, it has already been demonstrated that Leap Motion's technology FAR surpasses the Kinect. Unless Microsoft radically updates the Kinect to compete with Leap Motion there is no way that Leap Motion's technology doesn't become the new paradigm/standard.

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