Acer Confident it Will Achieve Sales Goals of 40 Million in 2010



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I don't know what to think about Acer now...

I bought a nice Gemstone Blue Aspire 4730z with Vista Home Premium pre installed not six months ago just to see how good these things are. The lappy works great with Vista Home Premium.

Win7 rolls around so I run the MS Upgrade Advisor thingy and I'm told its compatible except maybe for the Crystal Eye Webcam and the Cyberlink Power Director. Visiting Acer's website I went to look for the drivers and Lo and behold they're available for XP and Vista but none for Win7 in either 32 or 64 bit flavors.

It turns out that "Win7 compatible" means "partially compatible" whereas "Win7 certified" means "100% compatible" and I probably shouldn't upgrade. When I contacted Acer Support and gave them the serial number so they could handle my request I'm told its a Revonate and I'd have to talk to them, wtf?

Revonate is a refurbish - remanufacturer for Acer, and theres absolutely nothing on their site or a way for the common man to contact them to obtain current drivers for working machines. So my 'new' lappy I guess has been assigned EOL (End of Life) Allready.

Now I'm hesitant to buy the 18" Gemstone 9820 with the Cine-dash cause I just know I'll be back at this point again. Even a brand new Gemstone model that could possibly come out sometime later on wouldn't be a consideration if Acer is going to use peripheral components manufacturers who won't support older models the minute Microsoft Windows's update to a newer version ffs.

I wonder what other laptop manufacturer's are going to be like in this regard. I doubt I'll buy another Acer at this point in time.
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Have you tried Windows 7 out on anything yet?  It works with a ton of things right out of the box, I have been messing with it since beta and it has always found everything of mine even an outdated TV tuner card.  You may want to try it before knocking it.  As far as the laptop goes when you bought it where ever you bought it from should have had a tag or disclaimer somewhere saying it was a Refurb that would be your problem as you didn't look into that fully before your purchase. 

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