Acer Betting Big on Ultrabooks in 2012



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I'm just not sure if the average user would drop the extra money for 'a little lighter' and 'a little thinner' laptop. Sure the specs are better (especially with the SSD's in them). But do you think the average consumer takes this into consideration when making the purchase?



Did anyone see a 15 inch ultrabook with a Core i7 processor at CES from any of the big manufacturers? I'm itching to buy a new laptop and would love to have the ultrabook form factor but don't want to sacrifice screen real estate or processing power.



I don't have a lot of experience with the manufacturing of these tiny notebooks, but I understand that torsional flex becomes a problem as the size increases. The display on the 13" MBA is pretty sweet, though. If you can make yourself happy with the keyboard, the display will be just fine. It's also soooo much easier to travel with!



And this is one of the weaker ultrabooks, as yet. I'd be interested in hearing what Asus, et al. have to say.



Any way I can trade my laptop for one of these cool ultrabooks?

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