Acer Aspire X1200: HTPC and Multimedia Power In a Small Package



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Is it really a HTPC without cableCARD support or Blu-Ray?



Until I see a lot of classic films on Blu-Ray, I'm not interested in the format. CableCARD support could be more of a deal-breaker for some, but a lot of folks are happy with digital cable. Call it a jr-level HTPC, if you will.


It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.



Uh... it's still an Acer, which means not much better than a Packard Bell, Gateway or Dell, junk all the way. Better invest in the extended warranty.



I never buy warrantees on computers.  If it can be fixed I can do it myself for less than the cost of the warranty, and by the time it breaks it's probably so far behind the technology curve anyway that you can put your $120 toward a much better machine.  For all my warrantees, the only one I've ever exercised was for RAM, because damn near any RAM you buy has a lifetime warranty at no extra charge.



Do MaxPc readers actually buy extended warranties? if you can't fix it yourself are you truely a maxpc reader?

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