Acer: Apple Products are "Mutant Viruses," Let's Find a Cure



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If you're American, better stop with this I hate Apple Sh*t!!!

At least Apple is bringing profits Back to America and supplying jobs here in the USA.

Acer doesn't give a crap about our economy. Screw him, I'm NOT buying Acer ever again!!!




I hate apple, but this guy doesn't have a clue what he is talking about...

First of all Acer as a brand doesn't really stand out to shout about design at all...

Second of all - Comparing apple products to Betacam standard is a huge miss - as Betacam was actually better than VHS from every angle... yet lost the war due to ownership cost - something that apple doesn't care about and actually does rather well in this area.

And finally - apple products being tramped competition... Well - As I said - I hate apple, but thanks to silly people buying their products - we cannot say that "most of them have been trumped by competition"... iPod is still considered the "best music player" (bollocks), iPhone is considered the "best phone" (wtf), and macs are considered computers for "professionals" and "designers" (yeah right)... so really... All in all - but Acer should shut the hell up, work on their build quality and make sure their products are:

1. sensibly named,

2. easily available (what's the point of having 20 types of screens available if you can only buy 2 or 3 at your nearest retailer)

3. spare parts are available (tons of laptops that you cannot repair)

4. built to a better standard.

5. RELEASED when announced... I am fed up with Acer announcing this and that just to "estimate" the potential client base... and then slashing the projects altogether or silently stepping away from that. I cannot give you example - but the general feeling is - "Yes, we are working on Android tablet"... And then nothing happens for 1-2 years... This market moves fast - you want be in - get yourself to it and stop blabbering.

there - my 2 cents.




I won't buy any Apple product, except the iPod. And even then, i'll buy it off eBay or Craigslist so Jobs doesn't get any of the money :D

I do not like Steve Jobs and disagree with the way he allows you to use the products after you purchase them.  The iPod is the only decent thing, i guess.. but even then iTunes sucks. I used MediaMonkey for my audio needs until my piece of crap 30GB iPod broke on me.  Jobs is an iDouchebag!


Keith E. Whisman

That's how you do it Paul, your finally starting to make fans on the site with your new negative Apple articles. Great job and keep up the good work. Remember if it's bad news for Apple, it's entertainment here.



"A revolutionary product, one which is bound to enjoy short-term success and growth, but eventually will be trumped by the competition."

Sounds like he's describing a netbook. Of course, Acer didn't make any of those...



God bless him.  Instead of an iBuyPower, maybe my next computer will be Acer... if they have gaming models.



We have about 200 Acer monitors here at work, and they're always a HUGE pain to deal with when something breaks (which is quite often).  I'd sooner buy an Apple (and I'll never buy an Apple).



Acer does sell gaming desktops. They are sold as the Acer Predator series.



Windows is still a closed system, but it's a bazillion times more open than MacOS ever will.



Windows is NOT a closed system

the article is completely correct it is a completely open OS

the platform (whether DOS, Xenix, NT OR Windows 7, the 4 unique kernels all microsoft products are based upon) is designed from the ground up for open developement of application software & system hardware for that matter

just because their kernel is closed-source & the intermediary layer of the .NET Framework that an increasing majority of the OS & windows applications utilize can't be directly interfaced with by a user or developer doesn't mean the system is closed

Obtw the .NET Framework isn't a closed software developement framework either it just hasn't been completely ported to any other platform yet (meaning Linux of course Lolz) although Novel is working on it for OenSUSE ServerEnterprise (or whatever the heck it has been renamed to now) & I suspect RedHat wil follow suit now that they are cross-certifying products & people as it relates to virtualization & also because their implementation of Java for JBoss is in trouble if Oracle gets its way against Google



Wow... I love that opening!

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