Acer Announces Dual-Core Netbook (AOD255)



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Is there any reason I wouldn't be able to fit a 12.5mm 1TB notebook drive in this netbook? o_O



STOP SPAMMING fashion poster, I hope you rot in hell.


Can't wait for this generation of netboks to kick off, im waiting for a dual core 12.1 inch netbook with ION 2 to be released, once it is im jumping on it. I still wish they could cram a optical drive in here.



I wouldn't mind an extra gig of ram. I don't know how upgradable these Netbooks are, but 1GB just seems like a tad too little. Granted, I won't be using it for a whole lot. Mainly just typing and using a few small programs for my D&D sessions, but still...

Yeah. Definitely getting one of these. Gonna be so much better than my 16.9 inch laptop I have now... with a single-core... and less harddrive space than this notebook... but 3GB of ram!

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