Acer Announces a Brand New 23.6 Inch 3D Display Monitor with Nvidia Graphics



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I have used the Nvidia 3d vision, and they are on a completely different scale of how well the 3d works with this product, as opposed to the 3d option on the video cards.  they also work with everything, including movies if you wanted to, because the display cable goes through the 3d imaging device, so there is nothing to set up, just push a button and the screen goes into 3d mode.  

I highly recommend them to those who dont care for price as much... 



 You can use the colored glasses on any ordinary monitor. Just go into the Nvidia Control Panel and start the Stereoscopic  3D. Grab your red and blue colored glasses (Amazon has them) and run one of the supported games. For instance, World of Warcraft works just fine.

  IMHO, it is not that big of deal.  Yes, it works. Washes the colors out and makes it dimmer though. It really does not add much to the game and I would hate to try anything that involves high speed running and gunning. These are pretty much the same complaints that the "true" NVidia shutter glasses have gotten.

 So try it out! It's free and you have it already!



Are you kidding? They are completely different technologies, it will not work at all.



 Someone was asking about trying out 3D. The anaglyph 3D (or whater the red/blue glasses are called) works on most of the NVidia graphics cards and quite a few games. No, this is NOT the NVidia 120Hzmonitors/ shutterglass 3D that they are talking about here. But at least you can try out 3D RIGHT NOW with only the cost of a red/blue pair of glasses ( I prefer the Hanna Montana sets from Amazon).

  Do I need to tell you how to access this on the NVidia Control Panel or can you figure it out all by yourself?



Has anybody actually tried this fancy shmancy 3D stuff? I haven't seen any demos in stores or anything. I've yet to see a 3D movie that seem to be the rage these days either.



This IPS?



 3D is one thing I am completely not interested in.  I'd rather see HD get developed more then maybe 3D further down the line, until I don't need those glasses it isn't happening for me


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 I read somewhere, maybe even here at MPC, that there are models that have 3D output without glasses. I remember it being pricy though..


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