Acer Android Netbook Arrives While Everyone Else Lays Low



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hs anyone tried andriod? what do yall think? and what does everyone think about the netbook?


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 Intel Q6600@3.2


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 I just got my HTC Hero phone a few weeks ago, but so far I'm loving Android on it. The OS is stable, fast, and not too complicated to work with. On a netbook, though, I am not all too sure how Android runs...



Do you mean Android on a netbook, or Android in general? If the latter, then my answer is 'yes,' as would be anyone else's who has used a G1 or other Android-based smartphone.

Android is pretty slick overall, with most of my complaints centering around the G1 handset, and not necessarily the OS. But just like Ubuntu and other Linux distros, consumers thus far have made it pretty clear that they're not willing to trade Windows for an open-source OS when it comes to netbooks.

That said, I'm intrigued by what Acer has done, which is essentially present Android as a near instant-on SplastTop replacement (I thought previous reports said it booted in under 10 seconds). Doing so offers the best of both worlds, whether you want to quickly hop on the 'net and fire off a few emails, or if you need to jump into Windows and continuing working on that Word file.

The obvious downside is you still have pay a premium for Windows, but compared to other Windows-based netbooks, the addition of Android can be viewed as a bonus.

-Paul Lilly



I have tried android on the phone os. It is good, and a netbook is simply a non 3g enabled smartphone. I am waiting to try a netbook with Android on it. I like the idea of the Android splash top though.

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