Acer Aims to be Numero Uno PC Maker by 2012



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  I was with HP when they announced (quietly in house in around 1998) that they were preparing to be the number one PC seller in the world. That was a big step for a company that made its reputation on high quality test and computer systems.

  Well, HP did it (I think, are they at the top now?) and it finally got HP as a name brand (before the printer and PCs, it was known for ... calculators-  billion dollar company that most people thought they only built calculators).

  Is it worth it? The margins on a commodity PC these days are so slim that I doubt HP makes any real money off of all those PCs. I bet they get out of the market like IBM did and stick to the high end stuff and consulting, except for printer inks of course!



Acer offers the biggest bang for the buck in the industry. When it's coming out of your wallet, how are you going to compete with that? Plus they make a decent laptop now..



I have to wonder if this only takes into account consumer PC sales. I would expect Acer has a long way to go to catch up to Dell and HP in the business environment.



I sure hope by this time acer has stopped sucking. My first computer was an acer, it was a peice of shit. Touchpad stopped working, hard drive controller died (twice!), and driver support was nonexistant, and out of the 3 drivers that they allowed me to download, one of them (wireless) was a corrupted zip!

I hate acer, and I will never buy from them ever again unless they become more caring as a company. 




Like many others who's had enough of HP / Gateway / Dell craps, I myself became a fan of  ASUS and ACER for a while now. I always use ASUS motherboard only !!



Gateway was swallowed up by them in 2007.  If they're crap, blamer Acer.

 I wouldn't buy an Acer at this point.  They're Packard-Bell-ish quality reputation is still following them around.



I hear numerous complaints from Acer owners. I also work at Wal Mart and see a lot of Acer brand computers, mostly laptops and netbooks, returned for being defective. LCD screens have gone out pretty quickly, as have the power supplies on some of these things. Yeah they are very affordable machines, but as you know, you get what you paid for. If Acer really wishes to be the top dog in the PC market, they are going to have to improve quality control on the machines coming out of the factory. Just my two pennies on that.


Mac and PC have their strengths and weaknesses, I love them both. So sue me! :D



the whole "american pcs are gonna be extinct" thing is kinda misleading.  i mean, for the most part, if you ever cracked open a dell or hp, you'll notice the ram and harddrives are from companies like samsung and hitachi.  likewise, if you crack open an asus or acer, you're likely to see intel cpus and chipsets (Intel is american, yuh?).  not to mention dell laptops are built in taiwan anyway (i got this information from a Dell rep i deal with at work).  so basically, beyond where the company is founded, every continent gets a piece of the pie when a pc is sold.

if Dell and HP do go extinct in the desktop market, it's not because their american, but because they rip you off.  not so much HP, they're workstations are pretty nice.  but Dell is just a freakin joke when it comes to customizing the right pc; they take you to the cleaners when it comes to things like ram and hard-drives, and if your customizing a pc on their site and want a part they don't offer, tuff nuts, you have to get what they offer and replace it yourself after.  not to mention their support is a joke too, unless you get gold level support which is $500 extra for desktops and up to $2000 on servers.

to sum it up, f*** you Dell, rock on Asus and Acer

ok, now that i got that off my chest i feel better and can continue to work.  thxbye :)


what signature, where do i sign?



Keep on going.  More competition means better prices, better quality for the rest of us :)

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