Acer’s Founder Recommends Microsoft Stick With Software



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The picture of this man is reminding me of Team America: World Police. Am I alone on this?

"You're breakin' mah barrs, [Microsoft], you're breakin' mah barrs!"

Also, I'm totally picturing him singing "I'm Mr. Ronery"...



Of course he does! He doesn't want to dump money into making an excellent product. They've made tons of dough selling a mediocre machine all these years.



Sounds to me like Stan got spanked, and he doesn't like it.

The Surface has the tablet ergonomics that I've been looking for since developing for dos-based tablets 20 years ago.

Acer should be ashamed that Microsoft can come up with such a well designed hardware solution on it's first try, when Acer has been fumbling around for years.

The right OS (tight Windows integration) with the right feature set (PRO version, that is) means that we will likely outfit our sales and support force with Surface Pro's.




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And I recommend that he stops smiling, 'cause he looks like the asian version of pedobear.



Acer shouldn't worry the "Surface" will not be a big seller. What they should be worried about is Windows 8. When word gets out how bad it is most will not be buying their products.



After building their OEM relationships up into a pretty decent clone computer business, Stan Shih and Acer ran Altos into the ground, ran the Texas Instrument TravelMate laptop business into the ground, broke off part of their business into Benq, fizzled with their lackluster Ferrari laptops, missed out on the NetBook market, and failed to launch with the Acer phones, Stan has the audacity to tell Microsoft that even though the OEM's have been slow to jump on the Windows Phone/Windows RT tablet bandwagon, Microsoft should leave the hardware business to them. Jealous much, Stan? You ain't your dad, that's for sure.



I've always thought that Acer stayed in business because people confuse them with Asus (who's products are usually the first ones I look to when building a PC for someone). Kind of like "The Asylum" films company's business plan.

"The Asylum", Google it, you'll get a chuckle.



From reading the statement I can tell Mr. Stan Shih is regretting something from his past, with the business, and is making this statement on windows because of an inner intuition that we wont hear about. Pull your stock if your invested in acer! Chances are acer will always be a bottom teir computer, thanks to Stan Shih.



Well maybe corner cutters like Acer, could, you know, COMPETE against a midrange priced product. Infact, if there where not corner cutters like Acer, I'm sure Microsoft would have never bothered to design and publish a computer. (Yes, hw is designed and published these days, with the likes of Asustek, Foxconn, Quanta, doing the actual manufacturing for multiple "authors")




Microsoft wouldn't feel compelled to build their own hardware if OEMs would make some compelling hardware of their own. I'm willing to bet that the first wave of OEM Windows RT tablets will be repurposed Android tablets. *yawn* Please surprise me Acer. Please.



I think I can sum up all his feelings with a beloved meme

u mad bro?



Took the words right out of my mouth. He's just like all other folks who are in the tablet race: they think MS should eff off and stick with software instead of giving them more competition.

Also on a side note, Acer, stop putting out crap products. More customers have brought Acers in with completely off the wall problems due to "faulty hardware" that Acer uses.

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