Accused LulzSec Hacker Pleads Not Guilty in Sony Case



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While I know that 15 years is the 'maximum penalty' and very unlikely to be handed down, does no one else feel that the punishment greatly outweighs the crime?

I know here in Australia you could walk into someone's loungeroom, kick them while they sleep and take thier TV and I would be lucky to get 3 years (if not a slap on the wrist).



usually those arrested by mistake never make it to court, this shows there is not only enough evidence to arrest, but evidence to go to trial. Since the case has not been a media circus but has been kept a low profile that rules out any grandstanding prosecuter.

good chance there will be a conviction on at least some of the counts



So you two have already found him guilty? Even without knowing the evidence? You better hope you never get arrested then.



Hang em high!

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