A Deeper Look at Disk Space Usage in Windows 7 (and Windows Vista)



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this has worked many times for me maybe it will help others.



Here is what you need to do to clean it(works in win 7 Ult, not tested in vista or other oses):

open command prompt as admin, then type:


dism /online /cleanup-image /spsuperseded











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I have an HP laptop with an Intel processor.  It came
installed with Vista Home Premium.  I installed (clean, not upgrade, on a
brand new hard drive) a retail copy of Vista Ultimate.  In the
C:Windows\winsxs folder there are over 7000 folders, containing 5.93 GB, that
all begin with the name “AMD64_...”.   These folders do not appear in
the original folder, as provided by HP’s original build.  Two questions:


1.        Are
the files in these AMD64_... folders for PC’s with AMD processors?

2.       If
so, can I regain almost 6 GB by deleting them?


The folders are protected (owned by TrustedInstaller), so I
imagine I’d have to use an unlocker tool to delete them – any thoughts?




I hope they do make it more streamlined.  Don' t install the whole disk -- leave the extra drivers off and let my internet connection get them as needed.  People without internet connections can keep their disk nearby.  That's a fair trade for reduced bloat.  Also -- let me NOT install options I don't want and will never use.

Echoing sentiments below, though, I'd be that much happier if they offered only 2 versions.  And I don't mean 2 for home and 2 for business.  I mean 2 and only 2. Home/Premium/What-have-you and Enterprise.  That's it.  A home version that, like Ultimate, has all the features you could want at home (not just the "home users never build a real network" crap), and the high-priced Enterprise version that comes with support and extra features that no normal individual would use at home.



Its just more hype....MS needs to start over...simple as that and create an OS that actually does what they say it will, doesn't require hardware upgrades, boots fast, and isn't full of crap like Windows Tour.  The MS OS's are so bloated that there are entire gruops of coders, stripping away the bloat and then placing the truly functional versions on torrent sites.  There MUST be a reason they go to all this trouble.

In short, people want an OS thats fast, intuitive (to NON coders) and doesn't require 3 years to work out all the bugs that MS should have worked out in the first place.  

If I bought a car that worked like the latest Windows OS's, I'd be back at the dealer with my hands around his throat.  


Keith E. Whisman

The thought that Windows 7 is just Vista SE isn't necessarily a bad one thing. Win98SE wasn't a bad idea and was an excellent OS. It was extremely stable and I know people that still curse WinXP claiming instability and the possible destruction of their data as reasons for not even trying WinXP. These same people have Vista that much more. Funny that these people that I know don't really have any sensitive important data on their computers. Just home pc's. I've taken to just laughing in their faces and telling them they don't know what they are talking about. They always tell me they have computer expert friends that know better. As if I don't know enough myself. Oh well..


I think Windows 7 will be a great second edition to Windows Vista and Windows 7 is really shaping up to be a very fast gaming operating system. From what I hear it's supposed to use very few resorces and it's centered around providing the most resorces possible towards the applications like games. So instead of Pirating Windows7 I'm going to actually purchase a Copy..


Does anyone know if Microsoft is going to sell just two versions or is there going to be a bunch of different versions to choose from? 



What do said people run, Mac OS 9? Even Vista haters should be fine with XP.


Also, I hope Microsoft only has 2 versions of Windows 7. This "home basic", "home premium", "business" and "ultimate" is bull shit.


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

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