802.11n Standard Finalized After a Mere Seven Years



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Finally! I've been wanting to get a gigabit router for a while now, but I wanted to wait for N so I could upgrade everything at once.



Well the N-router I have does have backward compatability with a/b/g networks but that's up to you. The only reason i bought it was because it gave me more range a little more speed and plus it was really cheap.



For me to upgrade to wireless N would mean I would require all new adaptors for all 5 PC's (3 desktops & 2 laptops). Also it would not be compatible with my Wii/DS or PS3/PSP. It would end up costing me a pretty penny.



I have been waiting for a reason to buy 802.11n equipment. The range and speed of 802.11g is plenty to accomplish anything I need right now, so why would I upgrade?



Well it has faster speed.  So you could stream HD video.  It is in the 5Ghz band so it doesn't have interferrence from all the 2.4Ghz stuff (microwave, bluetooth, wireless phones).  But if your current set up gives you what you need then you don't really need to upgrade. 

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