802.11n Gains Traction - Here's What You Need to Know



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I've been slowly working a hard wire network into every room of my house. Between that, security, and how little I surf when I'm away from home, I really have no interest whatsoever in wireless.

However, if Keith's question is a "YES", then count me it's biggest fan.
There's no time like the future.



I picked up a Linksys 600N about a month ago. Been very happy with it since.


Talcum X

Answer: No.
Unless you meet a woman in the PC parts dept. looking for the same stuff you are. Then you might have a chance.

I know this stuff turns my wife on...(NOT)

Every morning is the dawn of a new error.



The best network/wireless network site I've found is http://www.smallnetbuilder.com/

They have interesting articles/review/tutorials all based on wireless and wired networks. Right now I think the DLink DIR-655 is one of the best single-band (2.4GHz) N routers, and it will be supplanted by the recent DLink DIR-855, which competes with the Linksys you listed.

Also, check out their Router Charts, you can compare router performance in almost ANY area!


Keith E. Whisman

But can all this get you laid?

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