7-inch MeMO Pad From Asus Delivers Jelly Bean Experience for Peanuts



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Here's another a New Tablet that will pretty much beat everything
on the market right now -- Next week Ainol Electronics
NOVO 7 VENUS is released for $149 - a 7" Android tablet --
QUAD CORE CPU, 1280x800 IPS Display, 16GB Memory, HDMI, MicroSD Card Slot, Google Play access and much more... Plus $25 in Bonus Apps through a site called TabletSprint - definately worth checking out for this Price and Specs.


Paper Jam

Interesting, but hard to find any solid reviews on this website or tablet that you recommend. Might be a good deal, but selling for closer to Nexus pricing on Amazon. Since I'm not shopping anywhere unfamiliar, and I can get a Nexus 7 (with a Tegra 3, not a no name processor) for just a little more cash on familiar sites, this is also a pass for me.



I'd have to agree with Paper Jam. I mean 50 bucks more, you get a better processor and graphics and display, as well as double the storage. I mean granted, you lose the microSD card slot, but overall the ASUS Nexus 7 just tops this in every way. I'm not sure I understand why they would put this product out at all.



For those people that don't understand why the extra $50 for the nexus 7 is justified. Also I think with the specs of this thing Asus would be making more profits off of this than the nexus 7.


Paper Jam

Pass. I would rather spend another $50 and get the Nexus 7. Then I would have a higher res screen, double the storage (though at the expense of expansion), and 4x the processors (Tegra 3 in the Nexus).

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