65,000 Time Warner Customers Exposed to Vulnerabilities



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Richard Smith

I have Time Warner's RoadRunner. Someone has been doing a continuous portscan of my address (and I assume other rr addresses)  for the past week. Some of the addresses the scans are coming from are repeats and I assume not spoofed. I contacked abuse@roadrunner. They couldn't care less.



And to think that the cable companies want to monitor our traffic to "keep us safe"... what a joke. http://www.grc.com/sn/sn-218.htm

Comcast has started doing something interesting. They've opened a pilot
test in Denver. And I'm of two minds about this. They call it Comcast
Constant Guard. And what they're doing is doing 24/7 traffic analysis
monitoring of their subscribers. And then doing a browser intercept, which is I think the controversial thing."

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