5 Best Google Reader Alternatives



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Leon Williamson

Here are also 7 best Google Reader alternatives for iOS users:



I signed up for Feedbin (https://feedbin.me). I liked the Google Reader interface and Feedbin is pretty similar (especially the keyboard controls). I tried Feedly and didn't care for the interface. Feedbin brought in my starred items as well as my subscriptions.



Thanks for the review. My favorite RSS feed reader is FeedReader Online http://feedreader.com/online/ and I love it because it is entirely designed for people who wish to keep the feed reading process fast, neat and simple (just like me). Also, it is a very active service with regular updates.



I'm on Feedly now. The seamless transition from Google Reader was very nice and the interface is close enough. I still think Google Reader is better, but maybe Feedly will overtake it over time.

For example, one of the features I always used in Reader that is missing in Feedly is the "mark read older than a week".



For news reading, you can also use www.hinto.co
It's a highly visual web app that allows you to select which websites contents to keep up with.



I think that (especially for the Maximum PC audience which is usually more technically inclined) Tiny Tiny RSS deserves a honorable mention. This way nobody gets to choose when I should stop using something.



I remember an MPC that would run a guide to setting up and configuring freeNAS.

I'm not certain that this is the same MPC anymore. I set up a TTRSS and it wasn't too difficult even with my very limited knowledge of server technologies and apache, but I'm not certain it is a project within MPC's scope anymore.



You mean a story like this? http://www.maximumpc.com/article/features/roll_your_own_home_server2013 (One that we posted only a few months ago?)



have to admit I must have missed that article.

Last time I saw it was a few years ago.



I was seriously toying with Feedly but the old reader wins, due to its excellent mobile version. I was really not looking forward to using a reader without a matching android app, but this mobile version sealed the deal for me.

Oh, and we have today to use reader, guess the shutdown is tonight, not last night.



Feedly Android app is s*it to use.

I prefer gReader on that front. Luckily they even added (Beta) TheOldReader support.

So, TheOldReader shall win by default.



Without a web-only (i.e. no plugin) access method, I find it hard to declare Feedly the heir apparent to Google. I realize that only alienates a minority of users, but we're already talking about a standard that is used by a minority of people browsing news. Otherwise, Feedly looks great.

I'm giving Digg a tryout, and I hope it gets some improvements. Otherwise, I may have to give AOL's offering a go, or pony up $24/year for NewsBlur (oh, unless I missed something, your price for NewsBlur Premium is wrong).


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