4 People Jailed for Selling Pirated Windows XP in China



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Its not always cheaper. Its about the same price in Singapore. Good thing for you is that ms offer promotions like the preorder only in the US. We have to pay the same price for the products




with the way ms is treating peole here in the states.... crappy activation or upgrades... selling the os for half our cost in other countries....


just wait till we the public take a stand and say no more..... I'll just help myself to a free one .. screw you ms i'm tired of paying the penelty for the bootlegers....  and whats up with selling for less in other countries



I love how the american way of taking a stand and promoting capitalism is no longer giving support to the competitor but instead just stealing the product. Most people that use your rationalization weren't planning on buying it to begin with. If you truely wanted to show your disgust for their acts you would use linux or mac os. Didn't your parents ever teach you that two wrongs don't make a right? (but 3 rights do make a left.)



In Turkey %60-80 of people use pirated software as xp,vista or office. Almost every internet cafe uses pirated software or else it's hard to spend more.



Ok, good job guys, just a billion or so more to go and you'll have this under control. 



The article that this one refers to says they were pirating XP, not 7

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