40% of Tablet/Smartphone Owners Use It While Watching TV



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It's odd that I was just thinking about this the other day. Why do I have a smartphone and pay so much money for a data plan when the majority of my useage is at home through my WiFi? I can watch TV on my computer, but it's not comfortable so I sit on my couch and stream Netflix and Hulu while checking email, surfing the web or downloading apps on my smart phone.



i sometimes use my phone as the remote



Holly Golightly

You know what would be perfect. TV not on TV, but TV on something much better. I would love to stream cable tv on my tablet. I want every channel to be playable on my tablet.

I do not plan on watching TV and my tablet at the same time. Actually, I do not want to watch TV on a regular TV set. I want to see my favorite shows anywhere I go. I would also love to watch TV from my computer. No more expensive cable boxes!!!



I kind of have a touch of A.D.D. so I surf the web on my phone and watchs tv.



Watching.g Gladiator on TV right now. Sent from my Galaxy S2



Gotta do something to pass the time while ignoring 20 minutes of commercials every hour.



Absolutley. Every single day without question and shame. Might be watching a doco and will use the tablet between ads to 'verify' facts, or go to a website i see on a ad, or play solitaire, or go to maxPC.  It does have its downside tho, I was trawling through IMDB on the show Operation Repo (dont know why i started watching it in the first place but I did) and then found out it is all totally fake. Cant watch it anymore but thats a good thing right .....



Agreed!  I have my Touchpad or phone readily available when i watch TV primarily because I'm always checking facts or wanting more information on something I just saw.  I tend to watch the History, Discovery, and Science channels a lot and when I want more information on the topic my "research" material is right at my fingertips. 



Its called multitasking

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