3DMark for Windows 8 Scheduled to Launch February 4



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Why make a benchmark for iOS? As I understand it, the point of a benchmark is to "rank" your current hardware, allowing you to see how effective changes you make (ie:upgrades) are & granting bragging rights.

All of that goes right out the window with the un-upgradeable, hardware-standardized iOS. The consumer can't do much to increase his iOS device's performance and the results, relative to other iOS products, will just confirm the obvious:newer iOS devices are better than old devices.

I suppose that comparing the benchmarks could demonstrate that modern Android devices can outperform Apple, but I'm not sure what that will accomplish as the tech enthusiasts already know this and the Apple fanboys won't be swayed by benchmark results.



Whoooo, DirectX 11.1 /sarcasm.

I don't see why there's a real difference between this and 3D mark for windows 7, nothing has really changed, no new functions, no real features, unless they start adding photon-mapping and photo realistic algorithms, I don't see why this is necessary.



Because the way the new 3DMark is designed is meant to be directly comparable to the RT, Android, and iOS versions of the new 3DMark. Likely not properly doable with Vantage or 11.



I Tried to care but I could not.
Considering that Windows 8 is almost 98% Windows 7 with a Gay UI, what is 3D Mark going to test? How Lame the Metro UI is?
Windows 8 can go suck it. & so can Futuremark for supporting that POS (Personal Operating System)

I also find the MSI logos all over the place annoying.

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