3D TVs Quickly Becoming Mainstream



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Mighty BOB!

I don't know anyone who actually has a 3D TV.



I'm somewhat concerned about all of this because I lost the use of my left eye and thus have no depth perception. How these things look without the glasses is my primary concerned. Beyond that, I'd rather spend the extra money on higher scan rates or better audio than something that comes off a lot more like a marketing gimmick . . .



  But you cannot force people to watch 3D TV shows or movies. I was really pissed when CHUCK had a 3D red/blue TV show. It added nothing to the show and I could barely watch the entire episode.

  People are buying the 240HZ TVs because they sound like they will have a "Better" picture than those plain old 60Hz TVs. The 3D part is just icing on the cake. I did the same thing with my 32 inch 120Hz Sony LCD. Heh, not any difference than my old 60 Hz that I gave my sister.

  It is time for TVs to break away from the old mode that has going on for so long. Phones and music players have changed radically. TVs and computers not so much. Is 3D the answer? Wait and see...




People saw Avatar in 3D because it was fucking Avatar and it was in 3D. The former was way more important than the latter. Now everyone's jumping on 3D on the basis that Avatar was kind of cool in 3D. The market for 3D, unfortunately, is limited to huge-budget spectacles like Avatar. Not home theaters.

There's no way 3D is going to catch on. No one wants to be seen wearing those retarded glasses, and most of us already own HDTVs.



or just PROPOGANDA bullshit.

 Please die a quick death, 3D



So everyone who has spent $1000+ on a new HDTV is supposed to now replace it with a 3D version..... I really don't see it happening. Pratically everyone I know moved on to HDTV over the past couple years. People generally keep the same TV till it drops.


Talcum X

 Wasn't impressed at all with it 30 years ago, and so was nobody else.  Thats why it's been gone for that long.  I havn't tried anything new yet, so I'm waiting to be impressed.  When we shop for a new living room TV, I will have to try one out to see if it lives up to the hype.


Every morning is the dawn of a new error.

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