32nm Westmere to be the Focus at this Year's Intel Developer Forum



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WOW if it would fit my Asus EEe Pc, an Intel 900MHz Celeron CPU socket, and stil use my fan inside the EEE pc, then it would be faster especially with my Intel GMA graphic chip then it would be faster and i would run more programs!!!!!!!!!!!!



So will these come with a stock liquid-cooling loop? ;)

seems like you're going to end up paying quite a bit for a stock heatsink for these things, its going to have to be a beast.



since these new chips will have a GPU alongside it under the die-cover, what does that mean for on-board video getting us through our updates and reinstalls? if theCPU dies, so does any chance of video, if you don't have a video card and no on-board video to at least. i think it' just going to make CPUs run much hotter than usual.



If your CPU dies, the computer won't show you a damn thing to begin with. Besides, I'm sure that if your CPU dies when this is all (if it becomes the norm of course) mainstream and what not, any other CPU will more than likely have a GPU on chip. I don't quite like your logic.


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What he's saying is that if the gpu should fail and don't have a backup discrete gpu, your hosed until you get one. I bet these intel chips are going to be a pretty penny so replacing one just because the gpu fails is going to cost you your first born until it becomes the mainstream. This goes for all cpu/gpu chips whether by AMD or intel. Adding and cramming more stuff onto a cpu die is asking for trouble (heat, etc.) until the tech has proven itself through trial and error. I for one, will stick with discrete gpu's and other components  so I have total control over what I can and can't do with my PC. I know you can flip a switch to turn it off like an IGP but that isn't the point. Pretty soon, if intel has it's way, your going to have a PC on a chip and what you buy is what you get with no type of personalization to speak of.



I highly doubt this will catch on for the highend or more advanced users because of that level of control, or lack there of.  This will be great for netbooks or the e-machine type computer, if they can perfect and cheaply make them. 


Just wait until Intel buys Corsair and starts making a CPU/GPU/RAM chip.  You'll have a computer on a chip and also a space heater for those long Michigan winters... or summers apparently. 

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