2K Has Change of Heart, Decides to Release BioShock 2 DLC on PC After All



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And yet again, PC gamers have proven them wrong in that we do exist, and playing Bioshock 2 in 60 FPS 16x AF /  4x AA is much more satisfying than chugging along at 30 fps w/ blotchy textures on a console...

Seriously, did 2k actually think enough people wouldn't be playing this on PC that releasing the DLC for the platform wasn't worth it?



I'll buy DLC if it's worth it, but I much prefer expansion packs.

PC Gaming is important to the industry, considering how many franchises started out there. We're not the money makers, though, so we're going to take a back seat. That's okay, there are advantages to being a niche market.




But that is their primary market. I don't mind not being the primary platform, but releasing  finished content should be halted until development for the other platforms is finished so everything gets released at once (same for dlc after release).

Thats why they don't do it like they used to, the way you or i would appreciate. Remember when DLC was just called a map pack, or add-on cars of which could be downloaded by anyone from the devs website. I miss that. But they now realize that they can hype (and obviously even over hype) such things for marketing purposes to be a viable source of additional income (lame, but smart from a business standpoint).

Anyway, it pisses me off when people say that pc gaming id dead or dying. If it was dying, why would there be a market for people that would like to invest a grand on an sli (or crossfire) setup for the best GAMING experience they can afford. I think its just much more mature on the PC due to the market generally being an older age with more of an interest in the "how" and the real substance that kids just don't understand.




PC gaming is definitely NOT dead



PC Gaming is not dead - but my intereset in the Bioshock franchise is. I'm done with them. Oh goody we get sloppy seconds. Either release your title on PC as the primary title, and treat PC users with some respect, or don't bother.

Console gamers are dumb enough to get into DLC. PC Gamers know that DLC is simply another way of saying "$80 game". If you pay $50 for a game, you should get the WHOLE game. Not 2/3 of a game and then pay for the last third later.

DLC is for 14 year old console kiddies who don't know what a good game (or respect from developers) is.



I Never really got into Bioshock.

But what I am happy about is that 2K games is still recognizing PC gamers as a part of the gaming community.

(and they better damn well continue recognizing us)

I just wish Bungie would make Halo Reach for PC

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