2K Details “Aggressive” DLC Plan for BioShock 2



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How about announcing an aggressive NOT SLAM CONSUMERS WITH RETARDED DRM PLAN???????


I'm sick of SecuROM and its counter-intuitiveness.  I would buy a WHOLE LOT more games if they didn't have SecuROM. 



I don't pay attention to DLC annoucements since I refuse to buy any. It comes across as a rip off. A way for the dev/pub to nickel and dime us. I also don't like little pieces added unless its free like it was in years past. I want a big chunk. Give me a good old expansion pack.



This is just new wave DRM. It started with EA's the Sims 3-where they explicitly said cracked versions will not be able to buy stuff from their online store.

Remember when games used to come out that were finished? Where an expansion pack was months and months away for a legit amount of new gameplay?

We are entering a new age of paying a little bit for a little bit of more game. DLC is bad. 



I agree too. This is !%$#^ retarded. If I go and spend $50-$60 on a game I want THE FULL GAME. I don't want to find out a month later that I need to spend even more money to get the stuff they purposefully left out. I really hate this crap. It's certainly not a good way to foster brand loyalty.

Looks like Bioshock 2 will be another game I will put off buying till I can get it on Steam (with all the DLC packs) for $10. Sorry 2K, you've just lost a customer.



I agree completely. There are certain games that I look forward to paying DLC for, namely GTA IV and Mass Effect 2, where i paid for a large single player experience (30-40 hours).


Bioshock 2 was maybe 10 hours. Its hard to justify paying for DLC that should have arguably been in the original release.



 to be fair, with enough people thrown at a project time becomes a moot point

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