2 Dead, 16 Injured as Massive Explosion Rocks iPad Production Line



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Although I admit I don't know much about most companies employees, I think we should boycott Foxconn until they start treating their workers like actual human beings. It's not because of this incident, they have a long history of abusing their workers.


Foxconn makes a lot of different products. Maybe someone can dig up a list of all the kinds of products they make. It might be difficult because they make a lot of things, but the only thing I think I own made by Foxconn is the clamp on my motherboard.



This sucks. As much as I love my gadgets, they are not worth the lives of people. 


After all the nasty things I've heard about Foxconn I will try to advoid them. Even if I have to pay a few more bucks at least I can sleep at night. (After I learned that AMD has heavy investors possibly tied to terrorism and human rights abuses I stopped buying AMD.)



Stay classy, Maximum PC readers… Even though I hate Apple products, I can't see myself pulling jokes when their workers die.


Brad Chacos

What sucks is, the conditions at Foxconn sound pretty horrible in general. Gizmodo's done several pieces on the working conditions at the company, and this article from Wired says workers aren't allowed to talk, or even sit -- and they're forced to write a letter of apology if they do. The Foxconn work staff has been plagued by suicides and they're routinely forced to work overtime above and beyond even what the Chinese government recommends -- and the Chinese government isn't exactly known for having a pro-worker stance.

Now, this. While Foxconn has more than doubled its employees' pay recently, if I worked there I'd be tempted to go work for one of the uber-successful KFC franchises that've been springing up all over China, seeing as how death sucks and all.




iHope they stop making iPads


Fecal Face

16 Injured?

iHope they're going to be alright

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