2011 Ranks as "Second Worst Year in History" for PCs in the U.S., IDC Says



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There are a number of reasons why there would be a slump. Modern PCs are pretty damned fast for what the majority of people use them for, and a 4-5 year-old machine still has a lot of life left in it.

In an economic slump people also realize that you simply don't have to run out and buy a whole new computer every 2-3 years. Instead it's much more economical to just buy upgrades when possible.

Slumping sales doesn't mean PCs are on their way out. Usage is what counts, not sales of new ones. If new car sales dropped off would it mean that people aren't driving anymore and cars were a dying breed? Of course not. It would just mean that people are holding onto their cars longer and/or buying cheaper used models. It's the same thing with computers.



I am seeing this as being similar to saying since there are less station wagons being sold that the auto industry is on it's way out. Shoppers have a lot of options to consider these days. PCs, Notebooks, Ultrabooks, tablets, and smartphones, all of which, to some degree, are used to do things we once could only do on a "PC". So when they quote PC sales, are they also including all these offspring choices? I don't think so.



I agree, I just built a new system coming up from an i7 (1366) to the new Sandy Bridge because of a bad motherboard. Decided to make a new one since the x58 boards are so expensive to replace anyway. But my computer could run really good and not much in the way of games had any problems.

I can also assume that people are using their TV's, iPads, and phone to access the internet these days and see no need for a "desktop" computer if all they are doing is surfing facebook and buying amazon. I'm a PC gamer so my laptop and PC have to be able to handle most things and also run all my Photoshop and Lightroom applications.

To add life to an older PC one only has to go out, buy an SSD, and upgrade their memory to see a huge increase in performance. My new build I raid0 two 256g SSD's together and I'd never go back - having 1tb read speeds has made everything a pleasure to load and work with on my desktop. Intel has been holding back to stay out of the courts with a monopoly lawsuit so they can show they are only slightly better than AMD. That being said the CPU world has not made that huge of progress like the early 2000's brought us a MhZ every couple of weeks.

Apple is doing well because they are catering to my mother with the ease of use. Windows has tried to move that barrier out of being "hard to use" to being easy to use. I am thinking Windows 8 will be addressing some things that send my mother running. Besides all she needs is internet and email, what applications does she use? Scrabble.

PC will never die! Ever!


Holly Golightly

Ha, for a second I thought IDC meant I Don't Care. Okay, things do look gloomy for PCs no doubt. Is this just counting desktops only?



I'd be interested to see the quarter-to-quarter volume number on major parts resellers like NewEgg for this same period.




Lots of cpus. video cards and memory in out of stock status because the sold out this Xmas. I think people are finally realizing that it si cheaper to upgrade than to buy new. Of course IDC will not tell you that..oh, btw, are IDC the same morons who every year predicts the end of pc?


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