1TB Platters Will Lead to Much Bigger Hard Drives in 2011



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There is plenty of use for traditional HDs. With HD movies becoming more common, and people storing music and photos on their HDs, SSDs are just too expensive and don't have the capacity. Also, how long do the SSDs last? I'm OK with an SSD as my OS drive (for speed), but until SSDs can be cheap enough and have a higher capacity (think terabytes), I'll stick with a spinning HD for my data.


Also, I don't see an end to 3.5" drives any time soon. They have a MUCH higher capacity than 2.5" ones, and are far cheaper. I can get a 1TB 2.5" external HD for $110, $100 can get me a 2TB 3.5" one. Both are the same brand (WD Elements). Sure the 3.5" is smaller, but is it worthwhile? As a desktop user, I don't mind the bulk of a 3.5" in return for a lot more capacity and a lower price.


Peanut Fox

An SSDs MTF is estimated to be much higher than a standard hard drive as there are no moving parts that can fail.



I wish they'd just let this tech die already. It's like big oil vs electric. Just put your resources elsewhere so we can move ahead already with SSDs. We shouldn't have to wait a decade to see tech develop anymore.



Replacing one technology with another before it can compete on every level is a dumb idea.  SSD's so far have not proven more reliable, their capacities are dwarfed by conventional harddrives, cost effectiveness greatly falls in mechanical drives favor.  SSD's capacity issues (or lack of) rely mostly on the manufacturing process and until that drops to sub 8 nm I doubt you will see an capacity equality.



I agree with you 100%. Everybodies gotten this SSD fixation when they can not hold a candle to disk drives on dollars/gigabyte. On the example here of 2 T laptop drives a disk would probably cost about $200 where an SSD of that size (if it existed) would be in the $5000 range if your lucky.


Bullwinkle J Moose

2TB notebook drives only make sense if they make a version with the OLD format technology

The majority of notebooks still run XP and XP users could really use a 2TB drive without being required to purchase Windows 7 which probably won't work with their hardware, requiring a new notebook as well

Of course they will make a version with the New Format Technology, but the MAJORITY of people will be screwed if that is the ONLY version they make!

I'd Love to see a 2TB notebook drive with a HUGE Cache on the Old Format Tech!



And you know, I'd also love to see AGP video cards again too! </sarcasm>

Those laptops that are still running Windows XP, if they need 2TB of storage ON THE COMPUTER then they have some issues and should maybe look at cloud storage (oh wait, I forgot your the wacko nutjob who is paranoid at everything and anything so cloud storage isn't an option). Then again, most of them will be upgrading to a new laptop in the next few years. Still well before these drives will become standard.



2.5" drives are going to fade out AND move forward, huh?  ;)

Anyway, all I can say to this news is:  It's about damn time!  I have 10 1TB hard drives just BEGGING to be upgraded in my WHS box.



This is good news.  2.5" drive will fade out and 2.5" HD's will move forward. Less space and less power used in desktops is a good thing.



I meant 3.5" HD's



I don't see how you can jump to the conclusion that 3.5" drives will fade out. It's not like they're prohibitively large or power hungry (especially compared to a 2 or 3 card SLI/Crossfire setup) and typically offer more than twice the capacity of a 2.5" drive for a similar price. You also need some sort of adapter to get a 2.5" drive into 95% of tower cases as 3.5" is the standard. Also, space is hardly your number one consideration in a desktop.

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