$1 Million Wearable Power Prize Goes to Power Cell



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Now if they created a system where the walking, running, and crawling motion would charge that nice cell it would be a lot more effective.


And a note on one of the other comments made.  Lighweight body armor would also help.  All the gadgets in the world ain't going to stop incoming rounds in your direction and its hard to use those gadgets when you got holes in ya.


Ask my dead guy in crysis.



I think maybe every soldier having body armor is a higher priority than this?

An embarassment, this administration.



Actually, this is important. Think about their communication radios, mobile radar and other high tech battle gear that they use. This goes a long way to limit the weight of the batteries while providing a longer charge. It not like they are using this technology to power their ipods on the battlefield.

metropolis has you.



Do they use solar? The only problem I would see is reflection giving off their location. But since it's considerably lighter they wouldn't need to go in that direction.



assuming you put cells on the helmet and shoulders, not only would it reflect light but it wouldnt provide enough juice. not to mention its not reliable enough for military use

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