18-Button OpenOffice Mouse is Now WarMouse Meta



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Where has this company been for the last 10 years? Do they not understand the concept of an ergonomic mouse? That is the cheapest most uncomfortable thing I have ever seen. Now, if you want a mouse with way too many buttons that is down right sexy, take a look at this 17 button mouse from sandio. I've been looking forever for a mouse with an analog thumb stick built in, this one has 3 analog sticks! O.O




Wasn't there a mouse with such number of buttons for WoW a while ago? I wonder how did that go. atleast that mouse took some consideration into the button placement, this one look like the designer just slap it together in a day or so.

I doubt i will ever remember which button is for what. Control+key works much better in my opinion.



It's easy to fat finger a full size key board there is way to many buttons on this mouse.

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