15,000 Facebook Users Accept Girl's Accidental Party Invite



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Frank N Beenes

Thats Awesome!  Or not.  I may have to side with the Pedo commenter.  Is this a new Flash Mob craze?  LOL


Oh and whats with the stupid WORD VERIFICATION on this sites forum?  Later........



The internet is full of trolls





Is anyone else reminded of that Australian doucher that had a party at his house because his parents weren't home?  The kid was the same age as this Thessa girl, and he managed an almost similar crowd.  Except his party was loud, out of control, and turned violent until the cops showed up to put an end to it



Unless I missed that one, I think you're referring to the one in the UK. The kid didn't care that his parent's house was trashed, etc. He was a chav if I ever saw one!



she "forgot"

If I have a kid that "forgets" and does this. Facebook account is being deleted (or whatever popular social network at the time), and all internet access at home is revoked.


Holly Golightly

The stupidity of some people. Some kids should never have the internet at all. Anyhow, if my child did something as dumb as that, they would not even have a computer, or any other internet connected device at all.

I was thinking to myself, who the hell goes to some stranger's party on FaceBook? Those people must be desperate! He he, only in Germany!

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