Is that a 128GB Smartphone in Your Pocket? Holy Cow, it Is!



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Power issues from the type of content it'd be made for aside (e.g. movie storage): By the time you find a need for 128GB on a smartphone, the phone will be obsolete.  It'd be like having a 4 GB harddrive on your HP in 1997.  Today 4 GB barely holds the OS and a 1997 HP couldn't run most apps.  The need for storage increased because performance increased as did the size of the apps you could use and they files they generated.



smartphones probably won't need all that data, unless someone makes a FLAC player for android or something like that, but think music players, like iPods or generics. That's a lot more music density than what's available now, and it presents a very nice alternative to a physical HDD.



Just wait. Apple will buy the technology, hoard it, then make Apple fanboys pay absurd amounts of money for it. I'll be glad to see Apple's surge in popularity die down some. Competition is good for consumers. Apple is bad for competition. Thus, Apple is bad for consumers.



This is NAND flash memory, so it'll be obscenely expensive even without Apple to hoard it.



What would one do with 128 Gigs on a phone?  Watch a couple HD movies then have no juice left to make a call?  That is a lot of HD porn in ones pocket...


~~The difference between insanity and genius is merely succes~~



Not that long ago people said the same thing about HDD's. 10 yrs ago I could fit the OS of choice and all the files I had on an 8GB HDD and had room to spare. This is just so that the OS's for the phones have room to grow to make them hand held PC's.



I got my first drive that was over 1GB.  I swore I would never fill that drive up.  I also remember when all of my apps (games included) and OS fit on a drive that wasn't even 512MB...  But then I also remember my fist computer which didn't even have a hard drive...  No floppy either...  it was the good old cassette tape if you wanted to save anything...



My first computer had a massive 20 meg HD. That was back in the MSDOS 5 days.

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