Mortal OS Kombat: Linux versus Windows 7



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Personally I'd just use the Linux remote desktop client or vnc. and do the exact same thing as Windows Remote Desktop.

 The lack of understanding shown by the people posting here (not just you) is astounding. Hammer on something that by your own admission you barely understand. I'm not sure but isn't that judging the book by it's cover? Or worse yet stereotyping. I could go further... but I'll bite my tounge.



Nah, just ssh or vnc into Gran's linux box and fix it for her w/o her even having to fiddle with LogMeIn Free - much simpler.



If you are not intending on buying a netbook, and all you are interested in is gaming on a portable, I'd say you need not worry about what OS eventually becomes the dominant choice. Netbooks will likely never be a platform for gaming. For those people who strictly are looking at Web browsing, e-mail, IM, document editiing, and need something on the cheap, Linux satisfys these need with aplomb. (Written by someone who does not use Linux BTW)



+1.  I love my little Asus eee, but I love it for what it is, not for what it could never become.

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