In-Stat Predicts 1 Billion 802.11ac (1Gbps) Wi-Fi Devices by 2015



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If you're not getting the full 300MBPS (or above in certain conditions) I would suggest you update your firmware and drivers.  There's no reason you shouldn't get the speeds.

Also, if you think 802.11ac is fast, wait until you get your hands on 802.11ad ;)  7gbps!  Only problem is it's supposed to be very short range (~ 20 feet I believe).


Mighty BOB!

I'm still on 802.11g. >_>  My DGL-4300 isn't toast yet so I'm going to stick with it.



For coffee shop's and internet wifi is ok, but for home networking i'll stick to real Gigabit with cat6 cables.



Indeed. I've disabled the wireless on my "wireless" router, and just have a few CAT6 cables around. Fortunately, all my machines are close to each other, so no big deal. Only since I upgraded my server do I actually see over 60 MB/s (peaking at 100 MB/s) file transfers across my local network. I'm going to start believing Gordon's prediction about 10 gig networking becoming standard (at least on high end) by next year's end.



I'll believe it when I see it. N has been out for years and I can still only get around 60Mbps throughput through my 300Mbps router and adapter. That isn't bad (around 8MB/sec), but still, this nonsense of saying that a network is technically capable of 300Mbps and only achieves 20% of that has got to stop.


When "Gigabit" Wifi finally comes out in 2023, we'll probably see around 20-30% link efficiency rate as I do with the routers and adapters I've used in the past, so that'll be a solid 200-300Mbps, but still, ridiculously short of the "Gigabit" branding.

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