In-Game Property Sells for $335,000



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Why do you think they banned the selling of game accounts and in-game items on Ebay? People were making a killing selling them. They still do it but it but on independent sites. I remember I sold a Star Wars Galaxies account with a Dark Jedi on it (before the great Sony nerf) for $1,000. I have avatars in a virtual community called Second Life that I've been "playing" since 2003 and I have several friends who sell / rent virtual land and they pretty much earn their rl living off of it. In my early days, I rented land in SL from someone named Anshe Chung, who went on to be featured on the cover of Business Week because she's made so much money in world. If you can find a niche, you're on your way.


Mighty BOB!

Good god I need to get in on that action..



I couldn't read his quote without doing some sort of Swedish-Norse accent in my head.

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