“Lost” Case Mod Shows Up Just in Time for New Season



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For the record, I don't see much context in the Sgt. Pepper thread.
Vronsky's was thin, but the other one is too. And I think everyone
who's ever smoked pot even once has seen Sgt. Pepper's. 8 Million Ways
to Die is a little more obscure.The course each thread has charted in response also could be a factor. The comments in Sgt. Pepper's
thread seem to mostly be lively and active; yeah, everyone saw it, but
everyone is talking about the fact that they saw it and swapping
stories about how they begged their dads to see it and their dads were
horrified or how they saw it after having a bong hit or whatever. But
the comments in the 8 Million Ways thread all seemed to be, "....uh....thanks?"

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