Video First Look: NZXT's Ultra Quiet (and Affordable) H2!



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It is so good ,do you have vedio suggest to me



The kid should've taken a moment to go to youtube and see what a competent review looks like. Then pulled one of those tables out in front of him and do the review from behind the table so people can see what's going on with the case.


It seem like he was more concerned with you seeing the stupid monitor in the back with the fking benchmark.

GG to incompetence.



There are some immutable laws of the natural world.Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.Anything that can go wrong will and at the worst possible time.And finally any tech discussion involving Gordon and Nathan will inevitably turn into a debate about Star Wars. maid of honor



Basically a Reworked NZXT Tempest chassis. I know I have the Tempest, but this is minus the windowed side panel with the fan for cooling graphics cards.

However I did notice some big pluses. Such as the removable fans with better filters attached to the back, which make it much easier to clean the filters than on the Tempest. Also hot swappable drives, which would make swapping a dead hdd a snap, and a sliding lock for optical drives.

Moreover, if I was going to build a second pc this would definitely be my choice, you can't beat the price for the performance and features.



he didn't say anything about the toggle switch next to the top USB ports...



is it me or the video quality is changing between high and low?



Am I the only one who hates video reviews, and prefers reading an actual article? The dumbing down of America continues, just so sad to see it on MaxPC. It would not be to bad if you had an accompanying article to go along with the video, as some of us do work for a living, and do not have the time to watch a video for 4 minutes straight.



Well, to be clear about what's going on here, the video shouldn't be interpreted as an official review -- it is a first-look video (hence the title it was given). A first-look precedes the official, written review. I don't know when the official review ill be posted, but, regardless, the video can be interpreted as a simple show-and-tell demonstration to give our readers a taste of what the case has to offer. In a nutshell, the following is the "coverage life cycle" of how we handle our product reporting:

1) Quickly post a photo gallery as soon as we get the gear.

2) Include with the gallery a "first impressions" write-up, or post that write-up separately.

3) Post a first-impressions video (these take more time, which is why the posting is delayed)

4) Post the official review (after careful testing/benchmarking, consultation on the verdict with other team members, full content editing and copy-editing, and often studio photography).

Not all products get all four coverage options. Only the most anticipated products will get all four. Regardless, we try to oblige all tastes. If you don't like the videos, sorry! Please just ignore them, and wait for the official review.


D Rex

Sorry, Mr. Phillips, I can only "reply" to an existing comment, and can't "add a comment" for some reason here.

Please forward to the reviewer.  I would like to see this case directly compared to the Fractal Design Define R3, which Newegg is FINALLY carrying!



I gotta admit... I built an iBuyPower rig and opted for the cheapie generic case.  I'm kicking my own ass that it isn't NZXT.  Next time.

I have another build that's using an Antec Sonata case and it actually runs fairly quiet.


I Jedi

Hey, Alan, this is the first time I have posted a comment, I believe, for one of your articles. I have to admit I am not the craziest guy when it comes to checking out cases, but when I saw that you guys actually made a video, I had to check it out. I appreciate the fact that this case has silencing pads on it, as my current case is louder than hell (Antec 900), but I wish it were more so geared towards gaming. Not that it can't be used for it, just that it's a bit too inclosed for my personal taste preference. Nevertheless, good review, and something I will keep in mind for future relevance when building a PC for a family member or customer.



Sweet lookin' case.

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