New Solutions for Windows XP SP3 Upgrade Woes



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According to some poster on another forum...

If you have not install SP3 into a OEM based AMD system then change the following registry setting first.

HKEY_Local_Machine>system>Current Control Set>Services
Find intelppm and change the value from a 1 to a 4.

If you have alreay install SP3 then see if you cna go into safemode and then change the registry setting.

I've install XP with SP3 slipstreamed on a few DIY AMD bases system and there are no problems with it.



have you tried to shut it off by doing

start > run > net stop messenger?



I am glad that my SP3 update worked-- on two computers. One is AMD system and both have tweaked boot logos. But, no problems. I haven't really noticed any difference, except on my MCE system it turned on Messenger within the Media Center interface. Strange?




Bill Gates is So rich he's giving away Vista basic as SP3. All SP3 is,is Vista Basic without the fancy overtones ! thanks for the update Microsoft. And yes I'm glad I still pay for it.



I'll be keeping my SP2, thank you very much. When all the bugs are worked out in a yr or so, then maybe.



No problems at all. It was a seamless upgrade, and I've had no problems. Computer is as stable as it was before.

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