NEC Multisync 20WMGX2



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Are you really calling this article a 'Review'? I mean... with a straight face? Half a page of general statements, of which only one paragraph is dedicated to some sort of performance evaluation, of which no real technical details are given, and that's it - the rest is a list of features?

I would say the only thing a reader could do after having wasted the time to read this article is disregard it in its entirety and go look elsewhere for a serious review - there are a few that can be called that.



Max PC is one of the few lone dissenters of Hateorade on this monitor.

Even though it's been discontinued by NEC, I'm tempted to pick up one anyways because it seems that this is one of the very few leftover options for people who want a quality S-IPS based model vs. the crappy, cheap TNs everyone is going to, regardless of size.

This is a very frustrating marketplace, in general.



Is there a chance you guys received a bad unit? Or that during shipping it was damaged? I'm going to include an excerpt from a chat in another forum:

In the case of Maximum PC, they dwelled too much on how it performed on theoretical tests while letting the realistic and representative tests go right over their heads.

Those reviews, to me, seem like blatantly false representations of this LCD's true ability. The only things about this LCD that warrant complaints IMO are the gradation/banding, and the price, if even that. TV quality could be better, speakers could be better, the backlight makes a buzzing noise when it's in standby mode, but these are all non-impeding and minor issues for me.

That Maximum PC cares more about how rigid a grayscale looks than the viewing angles of the LCD, something that affects every single thing displayed, shows their inability to properly assess a display. It doesn't even sound like they were in standard DV mode. The issues with gradation come up in hardly any material except a raw/wide grayscale test. I have had it manifest itself in the Blender 3D modeling program when I had a gray-shaded cube with wide stripes of gray across it, but that can be remedied by: a) changing the color of the cube; b) adjusting the monitor's settings; and c) going in another 3D view or just simply ignoring it. Even if it was a tad unsightly it certainly wasn't a showstopper.

I'm not trying to piss anybody off here...I'd just like to know which monitor to buy and I've got very conflicting reviews on the net. What's your take on the above?

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