Native Mail, Messaging, and Contacts not in RIM's PlayBook



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I believe that Staples is releasing the tablet on April 19th. 

"The BlackBerry Bridge feature creates a secure Bluetooth link between a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and BlackBerry smartphone allowing BlackBerry smartphone users to view and interact with the email, BBM, and PIM apps on the BlackBerry smartphone using the larger BlackBerry PlayBook screen."

I thought Bluetooth in itself was insecure. How do they make it secure?



I gave up on BlackBerry when - thanks to the 'New' Yahoo PIMs - it could no longer sync with my stuff there and neither Yahoo nor RIM seem in any hurry to fix that. And I was in no mood to migrate all my, err...stuff, to Google or somesuch. No real surprsie then to hear the PlayBook may be even less useful.

That said, BlackBerry Mail programs at least let you attach files to emails - new or replies - directly from the program, something that iPhone Mail cannot do. Until that's changed, Apple is still missing a crucial 'business-crucial' capability and its Mail program is not much better than basic text messaging.

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