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I tried installing one of these once. After fighting back the jungle of cables to install it, I found that it was defective. AeroCool's customer service was awesome, and they verified the issue and sent me another unit without any hassle. But after thinking about it, I reasoned (perhaps incorrectly) that the temp probes could never be as accurate as the actual software monitoring the proc/GPU temps. So why fight the cables to install it?

Good timing on this article. The controller looks so dashingly blingy that I still want to install it. Maybe someone's insight can convince me to reinstall...



There are a good number of wires in this one (and in any of them). That has not changed.

Probes are (should) be more accurate than the onboard/software stuff - if for no other reason than you know exactly where you put them. It's also a live readout that doesn't suck up screen space or processor time and an audio alarm can be set (if you want that in software - it takes CPU cycles)

Really though - who am I foolin'? It's the bling factor.

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