MSI Launches Quad-Core GX680 Gaming Laptop



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Pc magazine already covered that article along with a few other companies.   Tablets are the in, but not looking to push anything out. Netbooks were popular but people still want there notbooks and laptops because of the Cd function.   

All in one Touch pcs are really expenseive and out of the price range to maintain, fix when broke etc etc.

As one buisness person to another. System Builds and Desktops will not be out of the market for years to come.  

In the end, its about preference.

Tablets have been around for ages, if u have gone to a verizon store they use an older type of model, or the guys who have gone around doing meter checks. etc etc. They now are more popularized, with more functions and capabilities. They will most certainly not replace technology, but add to the expense of having one more device thats nice. 

And they might come of use, If a person can program a smart home to work with their ipod touch, then why not an ipad as well its an oversized ipod touch. so that means its open to work with other tablets as well. meaning u can integrate your everything. 

remote control etc etc.

System Builds wont go out.. There are DVR/PVR/HTPC that people build, people as myself who would only prefer having a netflix account, and the internet so my tv and system would be my entertainment.

for in the kitchen a small all in one touch screen or my tablet to handle my recipies etc etc,

for buisness the old fashioned laptop/notebook.

I dont see any of these replacing another, but more so being an addition to our technological struggle.  



This laptop actually looks pretty neat. I'd consider it. It has a "gaming PC" look without going ridiculously overboard with it.

(Aerumnosus, I'm surprised you've had tech support issues with Asus. That's a bummer to hear. I've not owned one yet but everyone I know that has highly recommends them.)

Of course desktops rule. For some, the portability of a laptop combined with desktop-like power is an attractive option though. Not everyone wants to build (though it is admittedly the smart thing to do.) I still haven't built my own desktop, but the articles in Max PC are inspiring me to do so eventually.



Saying Laptops are out and Tablets are in is a matter of opinion. I have to disagree because i for one do alot of traveling and there is no way i can find myself playing games such as WoW or CoD Balck Ops on a tablet that has no where near the graphics capability of a laptop. I'll always take a keyboard and mouse over a tablet any day when playing games such as these.

My regrets are that i didn't wait for this laptop to come out and instead purchased one of the ASUS G50 series gaming Laptops that in my opinion of performance and customer service due to technical issues with the laptop all out blows.

Give me MSI anyday.

Amen to the Long Live the Desktop shout out. I agree with that 100% on that coming from a PC builder as myself :)

But, as they say, opinions are like butt holes. Everyone has one and they usually stink.



Sorry to hear about your problems with the tech support at ASUS.  I’ve used ASUS mobos in computers I’ve built, for myself, as well as my customers, for a good number of years.  Rarely have I needed to contact their tech support, and on the few occasions that I have had to do so, I have always ended up with great results.  I have even been considering one of their G-series laptops, although, as for which model, that has been the difficult choice…one I still hadn’t decided upon.



jason was merely saying what he said as a figure of speach to hit at the point MSI had. No need to get all butthurt.

Desktops are not clumsy nor are they "out of style" like popular media has throw out. Sure laptops are portable, and sure they're fairly affordable, but they have nowhere near the horsepower of a desktop. I think the only people that actually buy gaming laptops are either people that are sucked in by popular media (teenagers thinking its the coolest thing ever, or college kids who just have to have a laptop for college bla bla bla), or by people that LAN A LOT, and have boney, skinny, scraggely whimp arms and just can't bear a desktop.



Butthurt? Spoken like a true child there internet tough guy Gary. Just like your friend Jason there, i spoke what i thought about the matter of him saying Laptops are out and as for your reply mine had no childish name calling involved in it.

My reply never once downed desktops either and as i recall i agreed with him and honored his shout for desktop PCs being great. That shows you didn't read it or either you didn't understand it.

Also, talking bad about people that buy Laptops and calling them teenagers is even more childish.

I have found that it is best to not even reply to people on these boards due to the fact of getting a responce from people like yourself which always think they win chat battles whenever they reply to someone and call them names and they never respond back to your post of name calling.

So with that being said i will repeat what i said earlier and it pertains to you and everyone in the world including myself. Opinions are like butt holes, everyone has one and they usually stink.



One could also argue that clumsy PC laptops are out and tablets are in. Personally, I invest in my desktops and bargain-hunt my laptops, mainly because my laptops always seem to have a very expensive accident shortly after the warranty is up, and my 4 year old PC only needed a new power supply once. LONG LIVE THE DESKTOP!



Agreed. the power suppy circutry on my laptop just went tits up. that means the latop is dead, as even on ebay a new (reclaimed) mobo is about as much as the whole machine. While in a desktop in the same situation all I gotta do is pull one gray power supply box and plug in another. Things will only get worse as we move from latops to tablets where everything is on a single freaking chip. There's something to be said for modularity of a good old box.



I have to agree.  I had a Dell laptop several years ago, and when the LCD decided to go psychedelic on me, I contacted Dell, only to find out that the cost of replacing the screen (of course, it was out of warranty…go figure) would exceed the cost of a new, faster, more powerful, and just plain far better laptop.  I loved my Inspiron, but decided to get a new Toshiba…for about 2/3 the cost.



I concure

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