Mount Up!

Mount Up!

So, you followed the guide and mastered the skillz required to cut a perfectly round hole into a computer case (or just about anything for that matter). Next problem – you need to mount the fan. This requires pretty accurate placement of two or four mounting holes to allow you to bolt on the fan. The usual stumbling block here is getting the holes positioned just right. If they are off by more than a millimeter or two, it can make mounting the fan difficult. Badly positioned holes can also be pretty obvious - even if you are going for that rustic "just like home" Half Life look in a mod. There is a pretty easy way to position the holes just right however. So easy in fact, that instead of just two or four mount holes, I’m going to do eight!

Behold the 8-hole method!

Oh yeah… EULA time: Any safety reminders given herein are not to be taken as a substitute for proper training and, if required, supervision. You (the reader) are solely responsible for any outcome, positive or negative, resulting from use of this information.

Using a square, position the fan you will be installing over the hole and lined up with the side of the case (or side panel, window, etc…). I like to use a couple pieces of double sided tape to help the fan “grip” the case surface. If you left on the masking tape from cutting the large case hole, this will help as well. Once you have the fan positioned, you simply use it as a template to drill divots (not holes) in the case.

Use the drill and 5/32 or smaller bit (wear teh safety glasses). Remember, you are not trying to drill through – just make enough of a mark to stop the bit from wandering around when you come back to drill the holes. You could use a precise ruler and a cold punch to do all this, but you may make a mistake – and a cold punch can dent your case (heh – actually, that’s what it’s supposed to do kinda).

Take your time, if the fan slips, just reposition it and make sure any previous marks can be seen through the …erm…holes in the fan casing.




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