Modspiration: What I Did On My Summer Vacation


Modspiration: What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Behold…The iStone Nano (right)! Coming in at about the size of a quarter, all one has to do to hear their favorite tune is click the two stones together. Best of all, no DRM and all the music is free! And this thing has volume! Unlike Apple, I didn’t go for ear buds or shy from making noise – this one plays out load. Your co-workers WILL hear this – for hours on end. You can “rock” the house out!

This is my greatest discovery and inspiration! I call it the iPhish. Sure, laugh. Point out that while it has some interesting features, it’s not much of a fish. Of course, the iPhone….well, I’ll leave that to the other bloggers. I could see a router hidden inside a model of one of these. That would be cool!

NOTE: Do not put live iPhish up to ear (trust me on that one).

So it may be my inspirations are a bit odd. Then again, the most inspired mods I've ever seen seem to be a bit odd.

Next week I will be attempting to upholster part of a computer. This should be interesting – as I have never done it before.

‘Till then, Happy Modding!

This week’s bit of bling comes via YouTube via Paul Capello via The Best Case Scenario. Turn it up!



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