Modspiration: What I Did On My Summer Vacation


Modspiration: What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Of all of the things required to execute a great mod, inspiration is often the hardest to come by. Let’s face it – thousands of mods have been done on what is basically the same box. Being original requires a bit of real inspiration under that condition. But, inspiration cannot be bought or learned, and even generous souls can’t hand out any extra they may have. Newegg doth not have packages of five for sale.

While I cannot give any inspiration out – I can share how I received my latest batch.

For me, inspiration is easiest to find in places I rarely visit. Places like museums, strange towns, and the eye doctor. So I packed my bags and headed out to the Pacific Northwest coast for some sand, sea, and Sun. Well, maybe just sand and sea.

I love fog and mist. They clear the mind for me. And, they have the added benefit of being eerie (always a plus). But, site seeing only goes so far (especially in the fog)– so I had to build! Of course, vacation rule #17 (no working on computers during vacation) kinda got in my way. But, ever undaunted - I pushed forward.

Title: Half-Life BC. Medium: sticks and stone. Unfortunately, I lack the skills required to make an extensive prehistoric Half-Life game mod. So I moved on...after disassembling it so it couldn’t fire on me.

This is the CaveSys 54g. No mancave is complete without one! It never drops a connection (that would require having one). Peripherals are often overlooked modding subjects. That’s inspiration right there! Too many mods stop at the box and maybe mouse and keyboard. Why not mod the router and modem?



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