Mod Blog: A Tribute to Tributes!

Mod Blog: A Tribute to Tributes!

It’s natural that after modding a few cases of your own you come to realize that you really don’t need anymore mods in your own space. Ignoring that silly feeling - you mod a few more cases until you realize you really don’t have room for anymore mods. Alas, a single home has limits on the number of mods it can take. Yet, you still need to scratch that modding itch. What’s a modder to do?

Stop looking at the cat that way.

Fear not modder friends! There is a solution.

The Tribute Mod.

Tribute mods solve a few problems. They let us mod without our end product ending up in storage for lack of room. They provide a person or group with a super unique case (if not entire system). They get a modder exposure – they inspire – and frankly, it’s just a flat out cool thing to do. If you can’t mod for yourself, mod for others!

You can find examples of tribute PC’s all over the interwebs from modders who are on their first or second piece, to folks like Paul Capello, Stu King, or Bill Owen - who together have done dozens of top end mods. Of course, if searching the interwebs seems too daunting a task, you can look no further than our own Maximum PC forums where we have examples of a few tribute PCs. In fact, member and accomplished modder XcaliburFX recently completed his tribute mod Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus” for a special member of his 5 year old game clan (5 years!). The system shows a pretty unique blend of etching both metal and plastic. I’m sure we’ll see it at the Mod Shop soon!

Keep on moddin’ folks – and consider doing it for a cause!

Today’s bling is actually another thread in our forums - this one has plenty of chrome :)

XcaliburFX images from Maximum PC Forums.



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