Mobile Edge SecurePack

Mobile Edge SecurePack

MobileEdge.jpgDespite its imposing appearance and room for a 17-inch laptop, the Mobile Edge SecurePack is second only to Tumi’s bag in its light weight. And yet it’s jammed full of features that make it an impressive choice for hauling your gear, especially if you’re on a budget.

Why the “Secure” in its name? Not because of padding, which is on the average side. Rather, the name denotes a unique design crafted to prevent bad guys from getting at your gear while it’s riding out of sight on your back: Aside from a water bottle pouch, there are no external pockets on the backpack. In fact, you can’t even open the backpack unless you take it off: The primary zipper can only be undone after releasing two shoulder clips and removing the bag from your body entirely.

Unfortunately, gaining access to the SecurePack is challenging even after you take it off: Getting in and out of the bag often means fighting with the two large shoulder straps, and if you’re in a hurry or need quick access to your gear, this bag just isn’t for you. It won’t stand up on its own, either.

The interior is roomy with a decent number of pockets, a laptop section, and two removable pouches held in by Velcro.

Month Reviewed: December 2006
Verdict: 8



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