Microsoft Sidewinder Gaming Mouse



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It's nice to see a new gaming mouse from Microsoft. But does anybody know if MS is working on any NEW TRACKBALLs especially a Gaming trackball or if Logitech might be working on any new gaming or otherwise type of trackball?? There hasn't been any new trackballs in YEARS & I need a new one!! If anybody knows anything please let me know.



I bought mine 2 days ago. It's damn fine. I agree, it's size makes you think "WTF!". It's giant. But I have learned to get used to it, even though I have more getting used to it to do. It's scroll wheel is amazing, I can't believe you find fault with it. Did you possibly get yours too stiff? Meh, I was waiting for your review and I'm disappointed in it's score. I love mine. It just makes me sad to see you guys didn't get along with yours. I still have 28 days to return if I find fault with it on my part. I doubt that will happen.

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